Performing sacred pilgrimage Umrah gives peace of mind and tranquillity, although, Umrah is not obligatory to perform but still in Islam it gets great importance and every able Muslim should perform Umrah to maximum blessings and washing away his or her sins. When pilgrims are in Makkah they feel very blessed and it happens usually that pilgrim do not want to go from Haram shareef to their hotel rooms for rest etc, even though they return to their hotel rooms tired but still feels happy and look forward to go back to the Haram Shareef quickly.

Pilgrims try to avail every single moment of their stay in Makkah by worshipping ALLAH Almighty more and more and forgets that outside this sacred place the rest of the world exists, pilgrim just worship there and keep himself away from all worldly issues and matters and just completely devote himself to do acts of worship.

When a person is way back to his home, Shaitan gets back to his work to divert and move us away from the way of righteousness and involve us in those activities that are prohibited in Islam. Shaitan makes us assume and try to set this in our mind and that all the acts of worship and spirituality that we experienced was limited and exclusive to Makkah, and we should return back to worldly pleasure and lavishness and just go back to our worldly routine, and focus on planning the future life and we trapped into the paw of shaitan.

This happens because we do not realise that the state of heart and mind we experienced when we were near the House of ALLAH Almighty is the daily state of mind and heart of those pious Muslims who keep themselves safe from the trap if shaitan. As we all known that our sins are washes away after performing pilgrimage and we should not make another list full of sins because no one knows that he or she will get again chance to visit Makkah and perform pilgrimage or not.

When we are living in this world she should make preparation for our lives hereafter by doing good and virtuous deeds, this will bring happiness and satisfaction to our lives. After returning back from Umrah we should start living our lives according to the teachings of Islam and avoid all the Haram (forbidden) or doubtful acts and things. If for few days of pilgrimage we can stay away from all the wrong and sinful acts then it means we have a capability to stay away fro, these for the rest of our lives, we should always try to spend a virtuous and righteous life in this world and secure ourselves from the hardness of the life hereafter. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Umrah Packages with Flights from UK.


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