For many, those feelings can rapidly fade once they arrive back to their homes, because the contrast between the lands of Umrah and the ‘normal’ home surroundings is as striking as day against night. Away from the responsibilities of family, home life and work, Umrah is like being in another galaxy, one where everyone is geared towards worshipping ALLAH Almighty; where there is no crude advertising, music and pictures smacking you in the face every hour; and where the only concern each day is making it to the masjid (mosque) to get a spot for the 5 compulsory prayers.
But once you arrive to home, you return to the atmosphere of hardship, laziness and the world of sins. In spite of all the wonderful gains from the weeks you have just spent as a guest of ALLAH Almighty, maintaining a spiritual and religious high under such circumstances is hard, but not impossible. While you know that the real work of Umrah only starts once you get to home, the circumstances of regular life can soon erode all the ambitious and creative plans you had for living the rest of your days as one of ALLAH’S special people.
Hanging on
In such circumstances, it is easy to lose hope, seeing Umrah as a temporary high that, in realism, can not be maintained as the months and years go by. But such an approach would be incorrect, because with the precise intentions, sincere duas and enthusiastic efforts, it is indeed likely to remain on a superior level – even if that level is not quite as impressive as what you’d hoped for. Along with arranging the perfect Umrah flights and providing the Umrah lectures to the pilgrims, it is also beneficial to select an expert Umrah package provider, with a rich experience in providing travel support to the people performing the Umrah.
Booking with an experienced agent can solve any of the conflict which might be take place at any stage of the Umrah journey, as they have experts to resolve troubles promptly. The Umrah packages 2017 will allow you to go through your pilgrimage rites securely and without unneeded pressure.
Rehman Tours Umrah packages 2017 do differ in rates. We ranged from the budget Umrah packages 2017 and cheap Umrah Packages 2017 to prestige packages (5 star Umrah Packages). Hence, it is compulsory to do the proper analysis before selecting a suitable and most excellent Umrah package for you. You should be sure that the selected Umrah package 2017 is only from a reliable Umrah service provider. One should check the details of the Umrah package and select the standard of accommodation desiring to have during the Umrah journey. The accommodation, transport and facilities or the amenities differ from the range of budget and the quality of the Umrah package. Moreover, it is compulsive to ensure the distance of the accommodation from the Holy Kaabah. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Umrah 2017 Package from UK.


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